How does this product differ from rosin? 

Rosin is known for wearing off relatively quickly during a class or performance, needing re-application. Although it comes in spray form, the same applies. The Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip does not wear off. Once applied and dried, this product lasts almost endlessly. More can always be applied on top of the original application, should a firmer grip be desired. 

My foot slips inside the shoe. Can I apply the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip where I'm slipping?

Unfortunately, no. This product is not meant to be rubbed against skin, even after it's dry.

Will the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip harm flooring?

It shouldn't. The product originates white in the bottle  but turns clear upon drying. This product should have no different effects upon floors such as Marley or wood/laminate than rosin would. Any markings left on a floor would wipe away leaving no damage.

Should I be aware of the proper way to store this product for longevity?

Yes! It is critical that the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip never be allowed to freeze, or be kept in a cold room. "Room" temperature is best when storing this product.

Is this product only for beginning pointe shoe dancers?

Fantastic question!  And absolutely not! Advanced dancers have benefited from using the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip. We've worked with dancers who applied this product to 'broken' shoes. They realized that they were able to get longer use out of what were thought to be discarded shoes by using this product. Also, as many dancers know, certain choreography would benefit greatly from a product like the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip. Although designed to help dancers training en pointe, the advantages of this product for exceeded its design purpose! There are no boundaries for using the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip!