We are all going through an incredibly tough time, one that will test us...especially in our world as dancers. Studios are closed. We are quarantined to our homes, unable to adequately live in the dance world we once had at our fingertips; or rather, tip-toes. We here at The Dancers Company understand this all too well, and with this being said, have devised a product, our 'No Slip' Floor Grip in a small, “at home” practice size container with easy-to-use applicator. As pointe dancers, no matter what level, keeping our shoes off for this undetermined time is an impossibility. As dancers, we can admit that! However, no matter where you are, the surfaces we have most likely are not adequate for us as dancers in our pointe shoes. We are offering our product in a 1 ounce size. Please know, there is still plenty of product in this container even when compared to our current bottle. We would like to offer this to dancers across the continental USA for $10 plus shipping and tax. We genuinely believe this will bridge so many dancers who need the extra grip, and even those who may not, but are working on surfaces that may not be conducive to satin covered pointe shoes. It’s just that simple. This is our solution to all of the dancers out there. We want you to be safe. We want you to be in those beautiful pointe shoes, doing what you love! We want to be there for you.

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