Application of the 'No Slip' Grip

Open bottle. Be prepared for a strong ammonia smell!  This will start to fade after about a minute. Be sure NOT to sniff the product. (After it's applied and dry, there is no odor) This product should also be handled with caution so as not to come into contact with the skin. Should this happen, simply rinse with soap and water. 

Once the odor has dissipated, remove the cap completely, with the brush attached, scraping any extra product back off into the bottle. With the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip, a little goes a LONG way! There's plenty in the bottle should you decide to add more at a later time. Just make sure to seal the top tightly! 

Next, apply the product to the tip of the pointe shoe box. It is best to follow along the edge of the box also. Should you require better grip in other places along the outside of the shoe-never inside, as it should not rub along skin-apply in those locations as well.  Start with a thin layer as more can be added after each layer dries. The product should dry clear although it may apply white during application. 

Once applied, the shoes must dry for a few hours. Make sure that the areas of application are not touching any part of the other shoe. It is best to either hang them from their ribbons or set them over the edge of a table, depending upon where the grip was applied. 

This entire process is quick and can be applied, and used, in the same day!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact The Dancers Company at any time. We are here to make sure you have the most amazing experience with this awesome product!