Enhancing the Perfect Pointe Shoe!


As more dancers are learning about this product, the Point Shoe 'No Slip' Grip, one point keeps coming up amongst dancers as well as non-dancers. With this being the first of this type of product, its design can be anticipated and thankfully very successful. But with this success, other unforeseen and happily unexpected possibilities start to make their way to thefront of the stage.


Our product was designed with the intent on helping young dancers' confidence, thereby building strength and abilities while en pointe, leading back to the afore mentioned, confidence. (The circle of dance life!) We knew this aspect of the Pointe Shoe 'No Slip' Grip upon design. All of the above mentioned would lessen injuries which could lead to a shorter dance career, either earlier or later in life. Regardless of how far one goes in dance, one thing is certain: if improperly trained, injuries in the ankles, knees, and hips, to name a few, could result in pain and discomfort, or in many cases surgery. Will this product prevent these things from happening? This is a near impossible question to answer as every dancer has his or her own path to where they are today. However, we can say with all certainty that this product was designed for that purpose; to, at the very least, lessen the possibility of injuries and falls which lead to potential trouble down the road. 


No dancer would ever say that dance isn't hard on the body. Gymnastics, football, skiing, swimming...the list is endless. But knowing this, would we, as dancers, give it up? Knowing that in 10, 20+ years, we'd need a knee replacement (or two). A hip replacement? Arthritis behind the patella, a torn meniscus? And lets not even start to talk about our feet. Our beautifully warped, torn, bumpy feet that carried us through Swan Lake, Giselle, and Sleeping Beauty-to name some classics. No, I will raise my hand to represent the collective millions of dancers who may have lasted only a few years then quit, to the ones who made it a career. We wouldn't trade one second of it. 


BUT! If we could find something, much in the way a knee pad protects a volleyball player from falling directly onto the court (ouch!), that can put all of these ingredients together, would it be worth a try? I suppose we're biased here. I, myself as the writer, most certainly. This is one of those products that comes along and has the ability to revolutionize how we approach the dance studio, especially as a transitioning pre-pointe dancer. Focus group after focus group expressed absolute shock and excitement after trying out the Point Shoe 'No Slip' Grip. It was during these groups that we also discovered that the product not only grips, but also helps with shock absorption. Anytime we go to pointe, there's a bit of "crunch" in the knee, for example. Anatomically speaking, we have natural padding between our femur and tibia leg bones called articular cartilage. This wears down over time, especially as dancers. Proper training in every single exercise, starting at the barre, even a simple plié which, as we all know, has about 1000 corrections that can be made as we're learning!! We, as dancers, know that a plié is not just a 'bend your knees out and straighten them' movement. Technique is in everything, starting with the plié. It all begins there. 


Today's blog is go over a few important points, no pun, well....maybe. It's important to understand the your instructor is your number one source of information. No blog, article, book, even video should take the place a teacher standing front of your body, watching and correcting your movement. This is gospel! With that very clearly said, we as dancers have access to amazing tools to enhance and challenge us, in every aspect of our training. Either making us stronger or assisting us, or both!


I hope that more answers have been given regarding this product, this tool, as it is a tool to help us develop and hone our skills. I would give anything to have had access to a product such as this when I was young and starting out. This, I'll go into another time, another blog, another reason to reach out to dancers, both pre-pointe and accomplished, and everyone in between.


We set our goals. And it's up to us to decide how hard we're willing to work to achieve them. The Pointe Shoe ‘No Slip’ Grip is a tool for any dancer, any level. For now, I leave you with, bon soir!

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